What are the pixels of the LCD screen

A pixel is a unit that is generally invisible to the naked eye. How can we see the pixels of the LCD screen? That is, if you enlarge the image of the LCD screen several times, you will find a lot of small squares. These small squares are actually so-called pixels.
Pixel is a unit
The pixels of the LCD screen are a unit used to calculate the digital impression. It seems that the photos taken are the same. The digital impression also has a continuous gradation of shades. If you expand the impression several times, you will find that these consecutive colors are actually near many colors. Consisting of small square dots.
Pixel is an LCD light
The LCD splicing unit of the LCD screen is a full-color screen, and red, green, and blue are the primary colors in the color. Because the LCD screen has a lot of colors to realize, it needs to combine three lights: red, green, and blue to form pixels.
Pixels divided into real pixels and virtual pixels
In addition, the pixels of the LCD screen have real pixel display and virtual pixel display. These two technologies are different. The virtual display adopts the virtual pixel technology, that is, the LCD multiplexing technology is used. The same LCD light-emitting tube can be combined 4 times (lower, lower, left and right combination) with adjacent LCD light-emitting tubes. Generally speaking, One unit, the pixels of current LCD screens are basically 1920 * 1080, and the pixels of departmental displays can be as high as

Post time: Mar-18-2020