• New product recommendations 3.5 /3.6 inch round screen

    New product recommendations 3.5/3.6-inch round screen Resolution: 800 * 640 Supports RGB and MIPI interfaces Customizable Can come with touch Used in electric vehicles, motorcycles, equipment, and other fields If needed, please contact our company
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  • What are the three major indicators of high-quality LED screens?

    After several years of development, LED screens not only have mature technology, but also have a wide range of applications in the market. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, the application of LED screens can be seen everywhere, and it has increasingly become the darling of the display market.   ...
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  • Application of magnetic compatibility and anti-interference of Liquid Crystal Module.

    1. anti-interference and electromagnetic compatibility 1. Definition of interference Interference refers to the disturbance caused by external noise and useless electromagnetic wave in the receiving of liquid crystal module. It can also be defined as the disturbance effect caused by unneeded ener...
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  • Introduction to the main characteristics and test methods of light-emitting diode LED

    Introduction to the main characteristics and test methods of light-emitting diode LED

    A light-emitting diode, or LED for short, is a semiconductor device that converts electrical energy into light energy. When a certain forward current passes through the tube, the energy can be released in the form of light. The luminous intensity is approximately proportional to the forward curre...
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  • What are the pixels of the LCD screen

    What are the pixels of the LCD screen

    A pixel is a unit that is generally invisible to the naked eye. How can we see the pixels of the LCD screen? That is, if you enlarge the image of the LCD screen several times, you will find a lot of small squares. These small squares are actually so-called pixels. Pixel is a unit The pixels of th...
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  • How LCDs work

    At present, most of the liquid crystal display technologies are based on the three technologies of TN, STN, and TFT. Therefore, we will discuss their operating principles from these three technologies. The TN type liquid crystal display technology can be said to be the most basic of liquid crysta...
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